A Useful Guide on How to Date a Confident Woman

This blog has touched on how to be confident as a guy, but it hasn’t discussed in as much detail how to date a confident woman.

Women, unfortunately, have been treated as inferiors throughout history, though times are now a-changing, as Bob Dylan would’ve mused.

Females in the workforce, for example, now make 79 cents for every dollar that a male makes, a figure that is rapidly rising. Many companies, such as Microsoft and Facebook, have in fact taken matters into their own hands to ensure they pay men and women equally.

Many men may begrudge the fact that due to the empowerment of women, their authority is seemingly diminished, but the truth is that a relationship is usually healthier when both parties are strong and confident.

This post will discuss tips for dating a confident woman.

Don’t Demonstrate Insecurity – Never do This At All. Control Yourself.

Confident women can smell insecurity from a mile away, so it’s important to be stable and composed.

A general rule is that confident women want to date confident men. No matter how strong and empowered the woman is, she’ll most likely still want a man who is stronger than her.

Be Direct – Adding a Bit of Bluntness Always Sped Progress in Relationships Up

Women who are confident take pride in their ability to deal with whatever you tell them, provided that it has some validity and isn’t said out of malice.

Generally, a confident woman won’t take as much offense to something disconcerting that you feel you have to tell her, largely because she is secure with herself.

She isn’t afraid of being hurt, and is prepared for whatever life hands her. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat her with care and caution, but rather that she has perspective.

Being direct goes both ways in that she’ll also give you the courtesy of telling you how she stands on things. Confident women are usually in touch with their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Show You’re Driven

Strong and confident women are often pioneers, fearlessly breaking societal norms, and thus, it is important to show that you have the same kind of drive and ambition that they do.

What you aspire to do as much doesn’t matter as much as how you approach it; you simply need to be constantly striving to be the best you can be.

In the mind of a confident woman, not fervently pursuing your passions and dreams essentially equates to being lazy, giving up, and in some senses, being a failure.

Handle Negative Emotions Effectively

Everyone will feel fear, anger, guilt, and disappointment, but it’s important to manage these emotions effectively.

Confident women will expect that whomever they date has a strong emotional capacity to deal with negative emotions, particularly because they don’t want to be dragged down themselves.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help control unruly emotions, whether it’s through exercise, mindfulness, or simply communicating with others.

Practice Being Interesting so Eventually You Get Really Good at It

Most women who are fairly free of insecurities will have a diverse set of interests, which makes it important for a man pursuing her to have at least a bit of sophistication.

While you may not need the same formal education as she may have, it’s good to be at least knowledgeable about a variety of different topics, including current events, foreign affairs, and the arts.

You should be prepared to have real, substantive conversations as you get to know her, as opposed to just talking about the weather and who will take out the trash.

Be Decisive – Don’t Think Too Much.

For many, it can be tough to be decisive, although the skill can certainly be cultivated.

It’s particularly important for men who are dating a confident woman to be decisive because an indecisive man will seem weak and insecure. It can also make one appear to be uncommitted.

One way to increase decisiveness is by making quick, yet firm decisions on less consequential matters. Changing your self-perception looking at yourself as being a decisive individual also helps with becoming more decisive.

Eventually, you’ll notice that you have more confidence in your decisions, and are able to make them with less doubt and worry.

Another reason that confident and strong women like their men to be decisive is simply because they already have enough on their plate. They don’t want to have to argue about the little things.

Go the Extra Mile

Girls who are confident aren’t impressed by the quotidian and mundane. They’ll expect a guy to be the ultimate gentleman, while being both strong and thoughtful.

Since confident women know that they can get almost any guy, you definitely have to step up your game. This means that you have to be willing to admit mistakes, and ultimately, become a more well-rounded individual.

It goes without saying that you should remember birthdays, anniversaries, names of friends, and anything else of significance.

Be Consistent – Not Wishy-Washy

While most guys will be on their best behavior when initially dating a girl, it’s important to maintain that level of consistency as the relationship progresses.

In fact, it can be argued that all of the tips in this post are moot if there is no consistency applied to the advice. There is always room for slack, but the margin of error should be thought of as slim.

One way to be more consistent in your behavior is by being realistic about your abilities and limitations. If you know that you have a weakness, admitting it is the first step on the way to making improvement.

It should also be clarified that consistency has a temporal aspect in that you shouldn’t be late to dates or nights out. Tardiness implies that your time is more valuable than hers.

Nevertheless, this post should guide you on the way to dating a confident woman. No two women are the same, but there are clearly similarities, particularly amongst those with high levels of self-esteem.