A Exhaustive List of Best Places to Meet Women

Written by Kellogg Green

Why demographics issue if you have bad ones and what to do.

Analyzing your location demographics scenario

There’s actually a really simple rule when it comes to meeting girls (and attractive ones, at that), when it comes to place.

That’s simply, if the place is “hot” or “popular”, you can bloody be sure that the women there will even be great. Of course there are exceptions, however once you understand this, you’ll already be armed with a useful bit of knowledge to help increase your likelihood.

First, assess your macro location. Generally, where do you dwell? Do you reside in a big city? The nation? Meeting and dating girls is a pure numbers game. In the event you’re success rate with getting her number is 10%, and there’s just 100 available girls in the near region – you just have ten alternatives.

Conversely, in case you live in a popular city like LA or NY, and there is 1000 women in within a 5 mile radius of your place, then with a 10% phone number success rate, you’ll have 100 prospective women to date.

Obviously, you can get into factors that are very special, but this macro-level location analysis really only takes 1 minute and reveals so much about your possible success.

What to do if you have a “bad” location

You have to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself is this where I need to be for the next few years of my entire life?

Is it possible that you pursue the same or similar livelihood in a place that is more appealing, although I understand everyone has different livelihood plans?

The only goal when meeting with women in the real world

Do not fall for the Hollywood BS where you meet them once and “plant the seed in her mind”, where in your next fateful encounter, she falls for you. Doesn’t work that means – it’s too volatile.

You want hard results, preferably quantifiable (so you can appear a the numbers to analyze in the event you’re doing something wrong).

The tough reality is that you could never see her again. So to getting in touch with her, having an approach is the effective and most practical method to continuing your relationship together with the girl.

It better be: Your goal when meeting women in the real world is to get their telephone number in case you just take away one thing from this informative article. Throw any BS you might have previously thought contrary to this out the window.

The list of places to meet girls

Ask yourself: “If I was a woman, where would I wish to really go?”. Here are a few of our best places to meet girls to save you time on the solutions. We’ll upgrade this site and add it to the list and give reasons why if we think of more.

  • Mall/Shopping Complex
  • Main streets, generally with restaurants
  • Shores
  • Parks
  • Fitness Center classes – loads of good looking girls go to yoga or pilates classes. At the very least get a gym membership. Equinox is a good alternative – usually good looking people here.

When you haven’t already figured it out, girls like to buy things. No this isn’t sexist, it’s simply a fact.

Malls and shopping complexes, notably ones with nice outside and interior design, are perfect places to meet women because they are in a “buying” mode.

And you are trying to sell your profile to them – your looks, your style, your cash, your power, your character.

  • Main streets, generally with eateries
  • Shores
  • Parks
  • Bars
  • Gymnasium classes

man texting on his phone at a good fitness center
There is zero disgrace heading out by yourself.

This really is most likely the single largest thing you (in addition to fixing your place), that’ll make it possible for your numbers game with women, and here’s why:

The truth is, it’s recommended.

This is true whether it’s a mixed group (males and females) or just you and you male pals.

At minimum, these group obligations are at the back part of your own mind. Ideally, you do not need to worry about that – you desire to focus on any girls and you that you come across. You left out or do not want to worry about your pal feeling uncomfortable.

It’ll feel awkward the first time you go out by yourself. Nevertheless there’s a surefire strategy to remove the distress that you may feel when heading out by yourself.

Head out by yourself, but do not hit on any girls

This really is probably the one most powerful measure you could take to construct the assurance of going out on your own.

Don’t start off huge either. The best method to begin is to dress casually and simply head to a sports bar, sit in the bar (not a table) purchase a meal and a drink, see the match and leave. That is your whole game plan for this first step.

Until you can do this step with zero anxiety, you’ll never have the ability to go to places to meet girls, let alone talk to them.

You need to meet with girls when they’re in a receptive mood. This implies you don’t actually want to hit on them when they are extremely busy or stressed out.

Time of the day naturally caters to this reality.

The reason behind this is they are coming off work, and women generally work 9-5pm or daytime salary occupations and will generally “quit working” emotionally at around 4pm. After all, they have to get time in the day to post their selfies and food images on social media.

We are not advocating that you set a restriction that is hard on discussing before 4pm on weekdays to women – that’s totally counter intuitive to your numbers game. We’re saying, you may want to go out of your way to flirt with girls after 4pm, rather than before it.

For weekends, generally anytime of the day is an excellent time to meet women. This includes early mornings.